Q: How often do you recommend having your septic tank pumped?
A:  The average septic system should be cleaned every other year provided it is under normal use and is a standard system. Systems with larger families, families that use their laundry and their garbage disposals frequently should be done on a yearly basis. Pumping frequency may also depend on the type of system the house currently has.
Q: How do I know if my system isn’t functioning properly?

A:  There are a few signs to look out for that will indicate your system may need assistance.

  • Water surfacing on the ground
  • Gurgling in the downstairs plumbing/downstairs toilet or laundry tub not draining properly
  • If you have a pump station and your alarm goes off
Q: Can I pump my septic tank through the 4 inch pipe sticking up in front of my septic tank?
A:  No, the main lid has to be opened to be able to get the solids out properly.  If you try to pump through the 4 inch pipe, you may dislodge the incoming baffle which would cause the septic tank to not operate properly. It is also a county regulation not to pump through the 4 inch cleanout.
Q: For my restaurant, how often should the grease trap be cleaned?
A:  Depending on the volume of customers and type of food served in your restaurant, pumping can range anywhere from once a month to twice a year.  Please call us to schedule an on-site appointment for more information on your restaurant needs.
Q: Do you service car washes?
A:  Yes, we service certain types of car washes in the local area.  Please contact us to schedule an on-site appointment to determine if we are a right fit for one another.
Q: What type of commercial properties do you service?
A:  We service many types of commercial properties.  A few examples of our current customers are hospitals, schools, restaurants, car washes, office buildings, shopping centers and funeral homes.  It is always recommended to call us to schedule an on-site appointment to determine if we can meet your commercial property needs.
Q: What items should NOT be flushed down the toilet to help maintain a good septic system?
A:  One of the worst items you can put in your septic system are cigarette filters.  Other items that should not be flushed down the toilet are paper towels, wipes, diapers, plastic products, feminine hygiene products, or any product that cannot be broken down.
Q: Do you recommend any additives to the septic tank to maintain optimum performance?
A:  There are several products on the market for use in septic systems, all of which have pros and cons associated with them.  Please call us for more information on any specific product you are looking into or for a recommendation.