Gray Brothers, Inc. is a fourth generation, family owned business providing the following quality septic services since 1929.

  • Septic tanks, cesspools or drainfields located, pumped or repaired.
  • Installation of new septic tanks, drainfields, sand mounds, pressure dosed and alternate systems.
  • Inspection of on-site sewage systems (real estate refinancing/mortgage appraisal).
  • Repairs to on-site sewage systems (to pass inspection for home sellers).
  • Installation or repair of pumps and aeration systems.
  • Percolation testing and system design.
  • Hook-ups to public sewer line.
  • Restaurant grease traps service.
  • Experts in locating and servicing older and newer systems.
  • FREE consultations related to maintenance and repair, and FREE estimates.

Gray Brothers, Inc. provides superb service for sewerage systems and septic tanks from its Paoli, PA business center. At the facility in Paoli, PA, there are experienced office managers in the business office, and the equipment is stored and maintained in the adjacent warehouse. Gray Brothers can select from a substantial inventory of specialized equipment to solve a problem in a responsive timeframe:

  • Special vacuum trucks are equipped to handle up to 4,000 gallons of effluent.
  • Dump trucks and backhoes are on-demand available.

For any additional information or to schedule a service, please contact us at 610-644-2800 or fill out our contact form.