It’s already starting out to be a gorgeous June all over Montgomery County and the Main Line.  The kids are wrapping up the school year folks are preparing for summer cookouts and BBQs throughout the summer season. We want to remind our friends in Royersford, Schwenksville, Collegeville, Eagleville and towns all over Montgomery County to be aware of your garbage disposal this summer and all year long as it relates to the health of your septic system.  The conventional wisdom is that those folks who use their garbage disposal end up roughly doubling the amount of waste in their septic system throughout the year.  This means that homeowners who do use their garbage disposal should have their septic system cleaned and serviced twice as often as those who do not have a garbage disposal.  The solution?  Use your disposal as sparingly as possible and be sure the take the advice of your service professional when he visits your home for routine maintenance and cleaning.  If you have any questions about any aspects of septic system maintenance this summer, call us at 610-644-2800.