The birds are chirping. Nature is showing us its color in the trees and flowery fields. The sound of children playing baseball fills the air in our neighborhoods all over Chester County, Delaware County and the Main Line. It must be Spring!

With all of those lovely things also comes allergy attacks, tax deadlines and spring cleaning as well. This year when you have completed the cleaning of your home, don’t forget the dirtiest part of your property:  The Septic System!

The good news is that the professionals at Gray Brothers Inc. of Paoli, PA are more than happy to take this burden off your shoulders. Why is spring cleaning of your septic tank so important? For the same reason you take your car to the mechanic at least once a year. Preventative maintenance of your system means not having to pay the large bills that come with neglect of this important part of the health of your home. All year long, your home’s septic system accumulates waste, not only in its tank but also in its filtering system. As such, filters may need to be changed and tanks will need to be emptied and cleaned.

Allow us to make your decision even easier this year by offering a COUPON so that you can save money on this necessary expense. Thank you and we hope to hear from you very soon!